What happens when the government starts cheating?

Why do hearts start cheatin’ in country and western ballads? Probably because country and western hearts just come that way.

We know why business hearts start cheating — it’s because they are trying to hide losses. It’s the reason that the bosses of Enron started cheating, and WorldCom, and most of the corporations on Wikipedia’s corporate scandal list. Enron and WorldCom made bad bets in the boom years of the late 1990s, and then they tried to cover it up when the market went south in 2000-01.

Liberals, of course, made a huge fuss over this. Blaming deregulation and corporate greed, and they passed Sarbanes-Oxley to fix it. Of course it wasn’t enough and dozens more corporations got caught with their hands in the till during the crash of 2008.

Back in 2008-09, liberals made a huge bet on over-the-top liberal solutions to the nation’s problems, from health care to green energy to the Great Recession. But because liberals have been in denial for a century on the settled science relating to the modern economy, their plans almost universally turned out to be a big bust.

Today, the Obama era is flushing down the toilet and liberals are starting to cheat just like those greedy corporate CEOs. Liberals are proud; their political identity is founded upon the idea that liberals are smarter, wiser, more educated, more evolved, more tolerant, more large minded than other mortals. So it goes hard with them when reality intrudes.

That’s why President Obama illegally violates the law on the implementation of Obamacare, again and again. That’s why he delayed the individual mandate another couple of years this week. At that’s why he goes before adoring Democratic audiences to make a joke about his malfeasance. You wouldn’t want the party faithful to think that anything is going badly wrong.

But of course, it’s not just Obamacare — it’s everything. The whole IRS scandal is clearly a party-wide effort to hobble conservative political-action groups. It wasn’t just the poisonous Lois Lerner; it was everyone from the president in his speeches on down to Democratic senators and representatives sending letters to the IRS demanding action on those disgusting tea-baggers.

Some of these illegal actions are tactical; some are strategic. The administration’s conversion of the National Labor Relations Board into a union catspaw against employers and employees is an indication that in the 21st century, labor unions simply cannot win on a level playing field without the mailed fist of government force to back them up — and Democrats know it.

The good thing about the Republican Party is that it can’t hope to get away with stuff like this, and never could. The curse of the Democrats is that they usually get a pass from their “Democratic operatives with bylines,” as Instapundit Glenn Reynolds so delicately put it.

Then, of course, when the Democrats really get in a hole and dig in deeper with their cheating operatives they will finally admit to the obvious — more in sorrow than in anger.

At least their cheatin’ hearts are in the right place.


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