The maker of the cronut has come out with something even better

As if the cronut, a hybrid croissant-donut, wasn’t delicious enough, the same makers have come out with a new tasty treat: the waffogato.

The new waffogato is vanilla ice cream, shaped like a waffle, with maple-syrup espresso poured on top of it, similar to the more traditional “affogato” which is ice cream with espresso poured over it.

“Created the #Waffogato for Taste of a Nation tonight (and soon to be in store when it warms up),” creator Dominique Ansel wrote on Instagram. “Vanilla ice cream waffle with Belgium waffle bits, slightly salted, and topped with maple-syrup espresso poured on top. As the ice cream melts, little tapioca pearls are revealed and float in the melted ice cream espresso sauce.”


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