One woman’s journey to find Mr. Righteous is remarkably relateable

It’s a battle that single girls across the country wage every day: how do I find Mr. Right? We’ve all been there: disastrous first dates, the bad guy that you so desperately want to make love you, men who toy with your emotions. Conservative writer Lisa De Pasquale details them all in her new book, “Finding Mr. Righteous.”

De Pasquale describes her quest to not only find the right guy, but also to find her faith, in a book that is surprisingly honest, open and vulnerable.

“Finding Mr. Righteous” takes place in the shark tank of Washington, D.C., where she navigates political circles and presides over prestigious conservative conferences. She documents the men she dated, along with their religions — Chris the atheist, Joe the Catholic, John the Evangelical, etc. — and the effect they had on her.


It’s an all-too-familiar look at how the people in our lives can change us and our worldview. As she questioned her faith in God, some men, like the atheist, further alienated her from Him. Others encouraged her and helped bring her closer.

So much of the book truly resonated because it’s filled with experiences that many women can likely relate to.

De Pasquale seems unable to permanently sever her ties with a bad-boy type who disrespects her constantly, yet toys with her by telling her that they’re meant to be together and that no one can ever love him the way she does. She feels like if she can just be a good enough girlfriend — sexy enough, caring enough, nurturing enough — he might finally come around.

In an ending everyone saw coming except her, he leaves her for another woman, and she is left devastated and wondering why.

It’s a scenario we’ve all seen play out in our own lives, either as the person blinded by love or as the friend on the outside who can see what’s really happening. The book tells the often-painful truth in many examples like these, and the reason why it’s painful is because we’ve all been there. We’ve cried along with Lisa, made the same mistakes and, if we’re lucky, also learned and grown with her.

Through it all, De Pasquale remains refreshingly honest and open, at times heart-wrenching, but perhaps more than anything, inspiring. You’ll find yourself cheering her on as she slowly rebuilds her faith and responds when she feels called back to God. She finds herself searching for meaning and depth in an environment that seems to pride itself on being cynical and shallow, and is able to rise above it all so often.

She writes it all in a way that makes the book relatable and easy to read, all of it taking place among a fascinating backdrop of conservative politics. You’ll eagerly keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.

“Finding Mr. Righteous” is a warm, engaging novel filled with juicy gossip, star-studded political parties, heart-wrenching candor, and ultimately, inspiring resilience. This book is a must-read for everyone, whether you’re a fan of chick-lit, a political junkie, or just looking for a great page-turner.


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