It’s time for the GOP to increase its bandwidth because, frankly, it has a great story to share

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of social-media giant Facebook, highlighting a decade of enhanced connectivity unrivaled in modern history. Water-cooler conversations have moved online and people are increasingly shopping, reading news, and simply sharing life with others on social media.

But, while Facebook and social-media outlets that followed, ushered in new methods of communication, data suggests limited connectivity between the Republican Party and America’s younger, tech-connected voters.

Insiders believe the communication deficiency exists because of flawed or outdated technology. While “Big Data” played a sizeable role in the landslide reelection of president Obama in the 2012 election, the Republican tech lag is certainly a problem but not the problem.

Others point to flawed Republican candidates who can barely establish a “dial-up connection” with anyone outside of their demographic set.  While that’s certainly a worthwhile conversation we should have, candidates are not the basis of the problem either.

The root of the problem, the source of the limited connectivityis not a person or a product; it’s the Republican Party’s message or its lack thereof.

The Republican Party has a storied history that voters of all ages, genders, classes, and creeds would gravitate toward. That is, if we actually told it.

Birthed by abolitionists seeking to end the proliferation of slavery, the Republican Party was created to pursue freedom and liberty for all Americans. With the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the “GOP” proved legitimacy on the national level and eventually emancipated those shackled by the chains of slavery.

Later in history, the party showcased their continued desire to guarantee opportunity and prosperity for all Americans by working hand-in-hand to advance the women’s suffrage movement and fight for civil rights.

Unfortunately, the party’s history, values, and core convictions have been re-written by a strong, enduring liberal narrative perpetuated by talking heads in the Mainstream Media and disciplined Democratic lawmakers in Washington.

The result? Younger generations have no idea what the Republican Party stands for or seeks to do if and when elected to power. And, because of this ignorance, they don’t have much of a choice when picking their party allegiance.

Party leaders, thank goodness, are starting to take action.

It was refreshing to watch the Georgia Republican Party roll out their “Choose Freedom” campaign last year, which seeks to get back on message by focusing on the foundational principles of the Republican Party. The “Choose Freedom” campaign was well received by voters in all demographics because “freedom” transcends generations. Freedom is captivating. Freedom is enchanting. Freedom is something that young voters can rally around and promote.

Following the chartering of a Republican Club at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia Republican Party Minority Engagement Director Leo Smith was thrust into the media spotlight. To put it bluntly, the mainstream media couldn’t digest a conservative movement sweeping through one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). One prying member of the media asked Smith if the GOP was changing their brand to appeal to non-typical GOP voters. Smith’s response was spot on.  He said, “We don’t need to rebrand, we need to be more forthright about talking about our principles.”

The Republican Party’s core values, when communicated effectively and often, are appealing for younger generations. The ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, individuality, and freedom are all concepts that millennials understand and support. Like Smith said, we need to be “forthright” about what we believe.

So, as we celebrate Facebook’s birthday this month, let us use all the communication methods that are now at our fingertips to share the story and values of the Republican Party. I wholeheartedly believe that the growth of the GOP starts at the grassroots level with people who are determined to save America one voter at a time.

With the 2016 election already in sight, there’s no time to waste.  Let’s get back on message and build a Party that outlasts our opposition.


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