Women call out CPAC man-pac

It was a poignant moment when a female panelist at the “Why Conservatism is Right for Women” session Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference pointed out how the conference’s first day of speakers were solely male.

While the Democrats’ continue to push the idea of a Republican war on women, the GOP find themselves unintentionally at fault, especially American Conservative Union officials.

After all, women’s vote was the tipping point to Republicans’ taking back the House in 2010. While women make up more of the American population than their male counterpart, they do not represent American leadership in the House or Senate, much less at state level.

Besides steering the country toward a 2014 victory for conservatives, women have the ability to change the tone of the discussion that surround national politics if the gender becomes as involved as men.

Until women start seeing women and minorities on stage, nothing is actually changing. Politics is not a spectator spot where women watch, it commands involvement.


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