Why a Kathleen Sebelius Senate run would be shameless

After her consistent failures as Health and Human Services Secretary, including the failed Obamacare roll out, her failures in the press, her failures to take responsibility and her failure to resign without a “glitch,” word is now on the street that Kathleen Sebelius is considering a run for the U.S. Senate. She, and Democrats, have no shame.

As reported by the New York Times, Sebelius, a former-Kansas governor and briefly-considered 2008 vice president candidate (Sebelius spurned lady parts everywhere then, backing Obama instead of fellow woman Hillary Clinton) is think of running for Senate in 2016. The reason? Political revenge, naturally.

The Times writes:

Now she is weighing revenge.

Sec. Sebelius is considering entreaties from Democrats who want her to run against that old friend, Senator Pat Roberts, Republican of Kansas. Sen. Roberts voted to confirm Sebelius when she was nominated for the HHS position.

Several Democrats said this week that Sec. Sebelius had been mentioned with growing frequency as someone who could wage a serious challenge to Mr. Roberts, 77, who is running for a fourth term and is considered vulnerable.

While saying it would be a “tough sell” for Sebelius, the Gray One is also showing a path for victory. Sen. Roberts is in a primary battle with Dr. Milton Wolf, a Tea Party candidate whom they say “alarmed” mainstream Republicans by posting graphic gun shot wounds on his Facebook page with insensitive statements.

Is that the best the Times can offer? Insensitivity? What about that of Sec. Sebelius? How can it be anything other than insensitivity to run for U.S. Senate after destroying the lives of millions of Americans? And if, because you hate math and reason and people, you think millions is just too many, what of the insensitivity after Julie Boonstra‘s life was turned upside down? Or after Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit was told he would lose his insurance while recovering from a calamity of ailments that took the sight from one of his eyes?

But it’s more than insensitivity, it’s a total lack of shame. That Sec. Sebelius, after the lies upon lies about keeping your plan or the efficacy of the website or the safety of the information, thinks she should continue to be a public servant. Or, better said, that she should still be allowed her elitist privilege by staying on the public dole because she’s too weak and too intellectually bereft to get a job in the real world.

Democrats say, if Sen. Roberts should lose his primary to Dr. Wolf, that Sec. Sebelius would be their best bet to win the Senate. Exactly how inept are Kansas Democrats that the face of failure in America is your best chance for victory? Lindsay Lohan is more respectable than Kathleen Sebelius!

She failed America, and refused to accept responsibility for it.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show couldn’t get answers to his questions about Obamacare, ending part of his interview with this exchange on why businesses got a delay of the mandate but citizens did not:

Stewart – Still not sure why individuals can’t delay. Can we come back and ask more questions?

Sebelius – Sure.

Stewart – Can I ask the same one? (Laughter from audience)

Sebelius – If you want to.

Secretary Sebelius needs to learn some shame and walk away form public life. No one cares about being pawns in your revenge game. This isn’t Game of Thrones, and you’re not the Khaleesi. You’re the Khaleesi’s annoying brother who has had delusions of grandeur.

She’s done her time, she failed miserably, and she doesn’t deserve the opportunity to keep making her money on the backs of the American people she worked so hard to hurt.


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