Ted Cruz just released 76 examples of Obama’s lawless actions — Read them here

Tea party leader Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has just released the fourth edition of The Legal Limit Report, a readable report that calls out the questionable actions by President Barack Obama.

“Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the President’s persistent pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat,” Cruz stated in the report’s introduction.

Among the 76 “lawless” actions by the second-term president, Cruz took the most offense from executive orders, as Obama had promised he would start doing in his 2014 State of the Union address.

The report is divided into eight sections that encompass governing by executive fiat, national security, Obamacare, economy, executive nominees and personnel, free speech and privacy, other lawless acts and other abuses of power.

Below are some of the report’s most notable oversteps by Obama:

  • Implemented portions of the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected, by executive action.
  • Falsely portrayed the Benghazi terrorist act as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and then lied about the White House’s involvement.
  • Continued to give Egypt aid after the military took over its government, even though federal law prohibits aid to Egypt in the event of a coup.
  • Illegally required people to violate their faith via the Obamacare contraception mandate.
  • Order Boeing to fire 1,000 employees in South Carolina and shut down a new factory because it was non-union.
  • Made illegal “recess” appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress wasn’t in recess. Ignored the rulings of three federal courts of appeals that held those nominations unconstitutional.
  • As of January 2012, 36 of the president’s executive office staff owed $833,970 in back taxes.
  • Illegally targeted conservative groups for heightened IRS scrutiny.
  • Got secret permission from the FISA Court to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and emails, permitting the NSA to search American’s communications in its databases.
  • Secretly obtained phone records from staff at the Associated Press.
  • Had meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure agreements.
  • Illegally sold thousands of guns to criminals, in the operation known as Fast and Furious, and then refused to comply with the congressional subpoenas about the operation.
  • Argued for expansive federal powers in the Supreme Court, which has rejected the Administration’s arguments unanimously nine times since January 2012.
  • Gave 23,994 tax refunds worth more than $46 million to aliens here illegally using the same address in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives, and then acted shocked and outraged at the bonuses.
  • Gave $535 million to Solyndra, which went bankrupt; Solyndra shareholders and officials made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign.
  • Reneged on a campaign promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term in office.
  • Extended mortgage assistance to people who bought multiple homes during the housing bubble.
  • Reneged on campaign promise to broadcast healthcare reform negotiations on C-SPAN.
  • Cancelled all White House tours after sequestration – purportedly saving $18,000 per week – even though President Obama had spent more than $1 million in tax money to golf with Tiger Woods one weekend a few weeks before.
  • Actively aided in George Zimmerman protests.
  • Shut down the Amber Alert website, while keeping the Let’s Move website, during the partial government shutdown.

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