This is why Feminism is dying

One of the supposed tenets of modern feminism is ending violence against women. Today’s so-called feminists constantly rail against rape and sexual assault — a good thing, right? Unfortunately, rather than focus on things that could actually, you know, prevent rape and sexual assault, they get stuck on imaginary issues that do absolutely no good whatsoever.

And now RAINN, the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, which actually does fight against sexual abuse, is being attacked… all for not towing the feminazi line on rape and abuse.

It all started when RAINN put out a press release detailing their recommendations to a White House task force charged with coming up with ways to fight sexual assault on college campuses.

In their press release, RAINN slammed the feminazis’ newest cause: our so-called rape culture. The release claimed that, “[w]hile it is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem, it is important to not lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.”

Cue the outrage from femisogynist-in-chief Amanda Marcotte, who surely knows more about rape and sexual assault than professionals whose job is advocating for survivors and finding ways to end it. After all, Amanda Marcotte is a blogger — she knows stuff. Marcotte whines about the “myths” of false accusations, confusion over consent, and the “victim-blaming” of warning women that drinking too much alcohol puts them at risk.

Confusingly, she then says that once we’ve eliminated the whole rape culture thing, we’ll be able to see something truly shocking: that rapists know exactly what they’re doing. But isn’t that exactly the same thing that RAINN is pointing out?

Rapists don’t exist because of some mythical rape culture. They exist because there are monsters in the world who don’t care if rape is illegal. RAINN understands this, yet Marcotte castigates them for not educating themselves by spending five seconds Googling, presumably to read a feminazi screed about rape culture.

RAINN isn’t interested in demonizing all men or all of American society. Unlike femisogynists, what they’re interested in is stopping rape and helping survivors. In their press release, RAINN points out that statistics show that the majority of rapes on college campuses are committed by repeat offenders.

They also recommend greater education on bystander intervention, greater understanding of the law and the consequences of breaking it and, perhaps most interestingly, empowering members of the community to take steps to protect their own personal safety.

According to people like Amanda Marcotte, this is furthering rape culture! Because heaven forbid we should ever, ever tell women that getting fall-down drunk can put them in situations where they’re easily attacked or taken advantage of.

The problem is people like Amanda Marcotte don’t actually do anything to stop sexual assaults from happening. They rail on about things like “rape panties” at Victoria’s Secret or how the World War II Times Square picture is an example of rape culture. They shriek with outrage if anyone even insinuates that there is a correlation between sexual assault and alcohol. And then when a legitimate organization like RAINN takes action to make a difference, they complain then, too.

And this is why women hesitate to call themselves feminists.

When the feminist movement began over one hundred years ago, brave women took action to improve the lives of women. They didn’t demonize men or sitting at home whining. They didn’t delight in breaking up the traditional family or in killing unborn children.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the feminist movement has become, and is the reason why so many people are alienated from feminism.

Not only have so-called feminists become nothing more than liberal extremist blowhards, they do nothing. They accomplish nothing. Today, being a feminist means that you’re basically a professional complainer, a person who will whine about all of the perceived injustices in the world without lifting a finger to actually correct any of them. And yet when an organization actually does take action against those injustices, the femisogynists complain then, too.

Is it any wonder, then, that feminism is dying?


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