Latest Koch backlash proves that charity is only acceptable if you’re on the same political team

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the nation’s largest minority education group, announced Friday that the Koch brothers have donated $25 million dollars. $18.5 million will go toward 3,000 merit-based scholarships for African-American students, while the remaining $6.5 million will go toward general support for historically black colleges and universities and the UNCF.

UNCF president and chief executive Michael Lomax was thankful:

UNCF is proud to announce this new scholarship program that will help motivated and deserving students not just get to and through school, but to become our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs We are enormously grateful to Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation for their long-standing support of UNCF and for helping to create new opportunities for earned success and a better future for our students.

But not everyone was thankful. This act of charity was received by the left with outrage and accusation.

The gift was just for show

The Kochs have single-handedly destroyed the social contract and have shed another $25 million to hide that fact, says Prairie Progressive.

They’re evil and UNCF just wasn’t “educated” enough to see it

UNCF “literally” sold its soul to the devil(s) — i.e., the Koch Brothers.

The $25 million gift was “measly” and not enough for the Daily Kos’s taste

“A donation of a measly 25 million dollars to the United Negro College Fund out of their billions and billions,” Horace Boothroyd III wrote.

It reads like a parody, but it’s not.

No amount the Kochs give can redeem their souls

While mining for gold in the Daily Kos comments I found a 24 karat bar:

via Wikipedia Commons

User quaoar said: “It’s too late for them. They can’t cleanse their decayed souls by writing a check. And the Catholic Church stopped selling indulgences centuries ago, so that option is gone too.”

Well then. Let’s just shuffle the Kochs right off to hell. You’d think the Kochs were murderers or rapists, but no, they give to the Republican Party and lend support to the disenfranchised.

Should have traded the Kochs for Bergdahl

Try as I may, I still can’t find “congresists” in the dictionary.

The Kochs are racists and fascists

What we’ve learned from all of this: Charity should only be accepted from members of the same political team, otherwise it can only be a dirty, evil, racist, empty gesture that should have been way more than it was anyway.

Daniel Bier summed the situation up well on the blog the Skeptical Libertarian:

“Progressives often attack conservatives and libertarians for ‘putting profits before people,’ but the case of the Koch brothers shows, in no uncertain terms, that (their critics) are willing to put politics before people. To me, that seems more petty, perverse, and profoundly disturbing.”

Unfortunately, putting politics before people is nothing new for the left, particularly when it comes to Koch donations. The most glaring instance of this occurred after David Koch gave $100 million to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and protests followed. That was the largest donation in the hospital’s history.

Quite literally, picketers — ironically led by the NAACP — were putting political points above lives.

Marybeth Gasman, a professor of higher education and director of the Center for Minority-Serving Institutions at the University of Pennsylvania, said that although the UNCF “does need money” it was “wrong” to take these funds.

The Kochs have been “deeply affiliated with the Tea Party. I think it is very, very important to think about who you are taking money from. Yes, that money can do a lot of good for students. But it allows that organization to have quite a bit of influence,” Gasman continued.

Letting an organization like Koch Industries have two of five seats on a selection panel “is not something we should be O.K. with” she would add.

Every time the Kochs make a high-profile donation, their critics will not care about what they do to help — only how they vote.

(H/T Daily Caller, Free Beacon)


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