Diane Sawyer keeps Hillary Clinton on hot seat over Benghazi

On ABC Monday night, Diane Sawyer told the crippling story of the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. To much surprise, Sawyer had the guts to go toe to toe with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Benghazi.

After Sawyer showed Clinton a photo of Ambassador Stevens, she challenges Sec. Clinton to name a place that was a bigger security threat than Benghazi, noting that the Red Cross and countless other organizations had fled the city.

“It would be in the top 25…It was not…maybe it was in the top upper ten. There were places where we had much more concern,” Clinton told Sawyer.

“Did you miss the moment to prevent this from happening?” Sawyer asks Clinton.

Clinton then trotted out what has become her standard answer regarding her negligence, reminding Sawyer of an independent review board noting that there was a lack of response to the threat by others—but not her.

Sec. Clinton continuously passes the buck, telling Sawyer that she relied on people with a better logistical sense than she had to provide the proper intelligence.

Knowing what the public is looking for, Sawyer sets Clinton up to take the responsibility that the world has been looking for. Clinton refutes this, noting how much it hurts her, but that there was a system in place that failed. As the end of the interview, Clinton agrees with Sawyer that Benghazi was in the top ten most dangerous places.

“We have to be very thoughtful as the United States of America, where we send people, why we send them, what we expect from them and how we do the best to protect them. We cannot eliminate every threat, every danger…”

When Sawyer reminds Clinton that the election was only eight weeks away and a subsequent cover-up would help the administration,  Clinton agrees that it seems like Washington politics at it’s worst, but in this case it was not.

Over a year later, Clinton still defends her “what difference does it make” comments, telling Sawyer that she was trying to stop the public’s fixation on talking points and politics.

This however would not help quell a near certain 2016 run for President.

“It’s more of a reason to run, I don’t think our great country should be playing minor league ball, we should be in the majors.”

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