Random thoughts on today’s politics

One of my heroes Thomas Sowell consistently writes columns called “Random Thoughts.”  His random thoughts are more profound than the most cogent thoughts emerging from Washington, D.C.  While I don’t expect my thoughts to be nearly as brilliant, I thought I’d take a stab at the format.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters “domestic terrorists” last week. Why do I get the feeling that the left is more likely to declare someone like Bundy a terrorist while cowering in a corner, avoiding at all costs the labeling of radical Islamic terrorists?

A Democrat running for governor in Maryland suggested that his opponent was not fit to hold office because he’s never had a “real job.”  His opponent served in the Army ROTC, the Army Reserves and was deployed to Iraq.  Note to self: serving in the military is not a “real job.”  Yet liberals will defend to the death welfare benefits for those without a “real job.”  So mooching off the taxpayers is an acceptable way to earn a living but risking your life defending our country doesn’t really count? Got it.

Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz are kidding themselves if they think that Obamacare will actually be a winning issue in November.  We’re not that dumb, Debbie, and I almost feel bad that you are in the position of having to defend this terrible law.  Except, I don’t feel bad because millions of Americans are being negatively affected by this law that you and your Democrat cohorts crafted and voted for.

The midterm strategy for Democrats has not changed since I wrote about it months ago: class warfare.  A new memo from Democratic strategists suggests avoiding the word “recovery” and focusing on the evil one percent.  When you have nothing to positive to run on, create a boogeyman and convince the dumb masses that they are scared of it.  I think I’m getting the hang of this political strategist thing.

Clemson University’s football program is battling a tyrannical atheist group that is upset because there is too much God intertwined in the football program, in their opinion.  Mind you that no players, current or former, have complained; all religious activities are completely voluntary. Atheists have every right to believe what they’d like, but they do not have the right to force others not to practice their beliefs. That, in a sense, makes them no better than the evangelical they claim to oppose.

The scientific breakthroughs reported just this week are remarkable, yet I’m not sure people are even aware they are happening. Scientists have successfully grown stem cells cloned from adult cells. Some scientists can use the genome editing technology of Crispr to “edit” our DNA and fix mutations and genetic defects.  The science surrounding mind reading and mind control is picking up steam.  “Playing God” is here and we must weigh the appropriate balance of scientific gains against the potential loss of our humanity.

Remember that giant red line that Obama drew in Syria on the use of chemical weapons? Remember when John Kerry declared that a chemical weapons attack represented “humanity’s red line” that should never be crossed? Indications are that Syria used toxic chemicals on its own people again in April.  Where’s the outcry now? Our moral obligation should be no different now than it was then. I guess the only change is the political climate in America, which is a sad statement on our principles.

Obama’s vision for America is the highest sustained level of taxation in American history, along with a budget that never balances and a government that only grows.  That is simply unsustainable.  You eventually run out of other people’s money and/or the system collapses under its own weight.  The sustained plunder of wealth will not lead to more economic liberty but rather a form of government slavery.  The longer we allow the government to pick our pockets and redistribute wealth, the more complacent we become.  I fear the complacency.

I’m always amazed when I receive some variation of this backhanded comment: “You are so nice, for a conservative.” Somewhere along the way “conservatism” apparently became interchangeable with “cold-hearted.”  Conservatives have a branding issue, but I do believe that younger conservatives are starting to change that.  I believe in the power of the individual, and that government should be limited to essential functions we agree upon as a society.  Freedom isn’t mean.  Freedom empowers you to live your life the way you choose, so long as you do not violate someone else’s life, liberty or property.  What a concept!


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