Nine military homecomings you have to see

It’s Memorial Day! Let’s take a few moments to look back at the best military homecomings of the year. We support our troops in times of war and peace, but it’s always especially touching when they return home safe and sound to the ones they love most.

An entire community comes together

Petty Officer 1st Class Terrell Cook and his son, Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Cook, decided to their surprise daughters Taylor, 13, and Kylee, 5. The two girls were in the process of dropping off goods at their church, Wade Baptist, when their fathers, who were hiding in two Jackson County patrol cars, jumped out.

When the community found out about the homecoming, they wanted to be involved — and they were. Members of local law enforcement and fire departments were on hand to celebrate, as well.

Military couple has extra special reunion, thanks to the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls helped a military couple have an extra special homecoming.

After a one-year deployment in South Korea, PV2 Alex Kamka came home to see his wife Karen.

Karen was blindfolded as part of a contest called “Hot or Cold?” where the audience informs the contestant how close their target is, which was team mascot Benny the Bull.

A staged contestant went first, followed by Karen. Instead of finding Benny the Bull, she found her husband.

Daughter surprised by military dad at graduation

A local military father traveled halfway around the world to surprise his daughter, Dia, at graduation.

Clark was in Kuwait for nine months and received special permission from his chain of command to attend his daughter’s commencement. Only his wife, the principal and the military knew about it.

“She was sad and everything and I told her, ‘Cheer up. This is her day,”‘ Clark told the teen on the phone. “I said all things come to those who wait.”

Then her name was called to receive her diploma, and her father appeared on stage.

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Girls get surprise reunion with their sailor dad

After about 20 minutes on a scavenger hunt, Maria and Erin Haines returned to the security desk for a final clue. Out of nowhere appeared their father, a U.S. sailor they hadn’t seen in over a year.

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Soldier makes his surprise return a family affair

Soldier Mason Miller, after a year in Afghanistan, returned home to surprise his tight-knit Arizona family.

First he found dad.

Then he found his sister.

Finally, he found his mother.

Watch this soldier surprise his kids during a Little League game

Captain Ed Maxa surprised his young family during a Little League game, a surprise only mom was aware of at the time.

Overseas for more than a year in Afghanistan, the 31-year-old soldier emerged from the dugout to greet his children at home plate.

“I’m staying, bud. I’m home,” he told one of his sons.

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This young girl thought she was making the morning announcements

A Pine Hills Elementary School kindergartner thought she was going to make a morning announcement, but, when they removed her blindfold, she discovered that her grandmother, Sgt. FC Labrina Jackson, had returned from Afghanistan.

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Watch this Marine give his wife the surprise of a lifetime

U.S. Marine Jareth Harkins left his Virginia base to surprise his wife Melissa at her college graduation this weekend, appearing with her diploma in hand as she walked up the stairs to receive it.

He graduated last year and they married in February. Less than a week after that, Jareth was off to boot camp.

This woman just went to get lunch at Olive Garden and wound up getting the surprise homecoming of a lifetime

A Missouri mom was eating lunch at an Olive Garden when her camo-clad son, posing as waiter, tapped her on the shoulder, said “Here you go momma” and handed her a drink.

All she could say was “Welcome home, buddy.”

“I had absolutely no idea that he was going to be here today,” she said.

“A weight has been lifted off, now we just need dad to come back and we’ll be whole.”

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