This high-school baseball player steps up to the plate to save collapsed umpire

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — A local high-school baseball player came to the rescue Friday after the league’s umpire collapsed behind home plate.

“He had gotten someone to call 911 and he said, “Does anybody know CPR?” And, I got certified a little while ago so I went out there and I started doing — I checked for a pulse and started doing compressions,” Alex Norwood, 16, told WSBTV.

Alex became CPR certified just two weeks prior to the incident but didn’t think he’d need to ever perform CPR on someone.

“I didn’t think I’d ever really need to use it but I’m really glad that I know how to do it now and this is evidence as to why it’s important to know how to do it,” Alex said.

The player’s coach, Jarrid Harris, was surprised by Alex’s tenacity during the situation.

“I thought I was going to turn around and see a professional. I mean, I thought I was going to see an EMT worker. That’s how confident the voice behind me was,” said Harris.


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