11-year-old girl shoots wild cougar in courageous move to save brother

An 11-year-old girl shot and killed a cougar February 20, after the wild animal got too close to her brother, reported Methow Valley News.

Shelby White of Twisp, Washington, who has a permit to kill cougars, saw the animal jump out from under a car while her brother was walking toward the house.

White picked up her rifle and shot the cougar, who had stood only 10 feet away from her.

Her next move was a classic millennial one: posing for pictures alongside her kill.

Three cougars have been shot dead on or around the family’s ranch in the last two weeks.

This cougar was 4 years old and a mere 50 pounds, grossly underweight and starved. Experts suspect the cougars have made contact with humans because of desperation for food. It had attempted to break into the cow pen twice the night before.


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